Nowadays, everyone is talking about the importance of being on social media and taking care of your digital footprint.

But if you’re here it is possible that:

  • They are talking to you about digital marketing, strategy, publication calendars, branding… and it’s all Greek to you.
    You know well that you need an online presence, but you have no idea where to start.
  • Your work takes up all of your time and you can’t find the time to manage your digital communication.
  • You want to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer a different message.
  • You would like to attract more customers without losing sight of your values and those of your brand.
  • You invest money in social media advertising, but you don’t know how to analyse the results or you don’t have a clear strategy.

Believe us, this is more common than you think.

Sometimes it proves necessary to use the easiest way, which is to make a call.

And it’s essential to have someone on the other side who listens to you, gives you support and gives you direction.

These pharmacies have already taken the step forward

Revolutionise your social networks

Social Media Strategies for your Pharmacy

It all comes down to one word: trust.

It’s necessary to have the confidence to delegate the digital presence of your business to professionals who know the sector and its needs.

At Saludability we manage your social networks and design and develop bespoke online strategies to help you to connect with your customers.

Just like you, we know how it feels to be behind a counter and to want to make the leap into the online world.

Let’s define your goals together and start designing a strategy which will help you get more followers, achieve more interaction and drive your business forward. Beatriz Saralegui

If I had to define Inma Riu in a concise way, the first words that would come to mind would be: “advanced, modern and full of energy”.

Because both Inma and her digital platform, Farmaschool, match this description, they were ahead of their time, they are still modern and, more importantly, they are lively, very lively, in fact. And you will have this feeling while following her courses.

I feel grateful to them for relying on me.

Beatriz Saralegui

Diferénciate de tu competencia y atrévete a dar el salto

Learn to define your objetive, design a strategy, implement it and analyse your results.

Follow the 4 steps that will increase the visibility of your pharmacy.