If you are here it is because you are aware of the importance of taking care of your digital presence and connecting with your customers to grow your business.
But maybe you find yourself in one of these situations:
● You invest a lot of money in digital marketing but you do not have a clear strategy to help you gain customers and increase profits.
● You rely on a well-trained team, yet they lack the strategic vision that only a marketing expert with real hands-on pharmaceutical experience can bring.
● You have paid for different digital services over the years, but you have never achieved your expected results.
● Your product launches haven’t had the impact that you would like because you haven’t used the correct strategies…
… and these problems are the cause of your enterprise not cutting it financially.

Without action, there is no improvement

Let us help you boost your business with effective, efficient and proven marketing strategies. And forget about leaving it to chance.

Some of the laboratories that have already trusted us:

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Strategic Consultancy

When we talk about marketing, sometimes not everything is black or white.

You have your objectives clear and you know the importance of your digital presence but you’re missing something.

You’re blocked.

We guide you through the process, revise all areas of your business and find out whatever is stopping you from growing.

What’s the key? Defining a strategy in accordance with your market and your clientele.

After our consultancy, you’ll understand the strategies that work and you’ll get an action plan to help you grow and boost your sales.

Inma Riu is unique, a truly deep thinker, who is always two steps ahead in her sector and the most innovative pharmacist I’ve ever known.

A tireless worker who never stops training and is considered by everyone to be the 2.0 pharmacist par excellence: Her broad experience in pharmacy in both Spain and the UK gives her a unique vision in developing her work as the CEO and founder of Farmaschool and Saludability.

Over years of friendship, I’ve relied on her professional support and we’ve collaborated on dozens of projects, and she’s even successfully managed my brand’s (GH) social networks.

Gema Herrerías

Digital Marketing for the Pharmaceutical Sector

We operate in the most straight-forward way and with proven results.

At Saludabilty, we only use marketing techniques that we know will work.

Product launches, public health campaigns, social network management, promotions, events, etc.

We analyse your objectives and we design a bespoke strategy that helps you boost sales and improve customer loyalty.

We are pharmacists, we speak your language.